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In deciding about remedial action, the risk of exposure as well as the benefits and costs of the remedial actions, including those over the long term, should be considered. However, possible risks to the family's health should always be the primary concern. The presence of children might encourage remediation of radon levels.

The EPA conducts the Radon Measurement Proficiency Program to evaluate companies that make and analyze test kits. Therefore, to ensure the public gets accurate results, people should look for a company that has successfully completed the Proficiency Program. Most companies indicate approval on the test kit box. In addition, many states require licensing of radon testing companies and contractors. State radon offices have a list of all radon measurement companies that are state or EPA approved.

When radon testing indicates elevated radon levels, a trained contractor should be consulted to correct the problem. In most cases, homes can be fixed for $500 to $1,500. EPA conducts a Radon Contractor Proficiency Program to evaluate contractors' ability to reduce radon levels. The names of these contractors appear in a national listing. Trained radon reduction contractors offer their services in virtually every state. Individuals can call the state radon office to locate a contractor.

Radon levels in homes can be reduced by preventing radon entry, increasing the ventilation within the home, and removing radon and its decay products from the air. Preventing radon entry is the preferred approach. One of the most effective techniques is ventilating the soil surrounding the home so that radon is drawn away before it can enter the home. This method is called soil depressurization. This system can be installed in an existing home, or economically installed during construction of a new home.

Many of the early radon mitigation systems are fast approaching the time when the fan life expectancy has been exceeded. We recommend a follow up radon test after each fan replacement to ensure your family's safefy.

We proudly use American made RadonAway fans on all of our installations.